Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Figure drawings and creature designs

Figure Studies - focusing on blocking in

Creature Skeletons

Further Creature development selection

Musculature for 3 selected skeletons
This is the work I have done so far for the drawing for concept artists module. The first picture is a figure study block in, the next picture is a selection of creature designs that we were tasked with creating the skeletons for. And the last are 3 creatures I chose to add musculature for. For my final creature that I am tasked with adding the skin/texture etc in a pose suiting the creature.

I am going to develop the second gorilla like creature as my feedback indicated it was creature everyone liked. I personally prefer the flying creature at least from the skeleton stage. I believe it lost its 'charm' when I added muscles. If I have the time I will take that one to a finished stage as well.

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