Monday, 4 November 2013

Cityscape project futher development and Termite Terminator machine

Cityscape from abstract wip6

City Mayor Iteration and final design

Termite terminator machine design and final concept (in colour)
The first illustration is my current version of the Cityscape that started from the abstract textures as can be seen on the previous posts. For the character design I felt that the most logical choice was to design the mayor of this city, I decided I wanted to go for a traditional English looking mayor. And to fit the model poses as required by the brief I felt that the character would look interesting if he was visibly overweight which I tend not to do for character designs.

For the Termite terminator machine I wanted a machine which was operated by a person like a hoover would be. My idea was some kind machine that captured or hoovered up the termites into a container and then perhaps some kind of spray 'terminates' them.

For the final idea I used that concept with the idea of a mechanized version of a Aardvarks tongue used to capture the termites, to the left of the design I have put a rough interior design for the machine. The large canister is where the Termites are held, the small canister is a machine that contains the bug spray and then it has a cap that you can put refills in.

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