Saturday, 4 January 2014

Finals and development work.

Abstract City initial sketch

Abstract City initial sketch development

Refining shapes

Further refinement



At this stage I realised it looked more like a shopping mall than a city so I changed quite a lot in the next iteration.

Making it look more like a city



Final Version
This is the development work for the abstract city from initial mark making exercise to the finished version seen above.

These are the initial thumbnails for an environment inspired by a TS Elliot poem extract.

Further sketch development, I tried to make the sketch less literal to the words in the extract.

Further refinement.

The development work and final for an environment illustration inspired by a T.S Elliot Poem extract.

Development work for the 'Termite terminating machine' brief.

Termite terminating machine final design

And my final take on the Termite terminating machine.

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